Chronic Boredom

Boredom is a cause for serious concern in the modern world. Everywhere you look, every corner you turn, every movement you make, you will see people attempting to alleviate this condition through mindless activities that have little consequence in this physical world. From hitting a ball with a metal stick in hopes of it reaching a hole, to smashing buttons on the keyboard in agony, to jangling around in the parking lot acting like a fool in front of your friends, it is the ultimate state of deprivation. A sense of unprecedented need to do something, to occupy oneself in spite of being, that is to satisfy the need of non-passivity.

As you gaze down on the watch, looking at the time, you find yourself standing in the midst of the world. The light changes momentarily from red to green in an instant, the cars whoosh past you without a second thought, people all around you seem to be walking aimlessly in all random directions, a sense of insignificance sets in, as if you were a dot or an ant in the entirety of the universe. The colours of the sky begin to dull, the taste of the soda pop begins to taste bland, the clock starts to slow down in a moment’s response, the cries heard from all the babies begin to subdue, a stillness, an indecisiveness, an inexactitude creeps without resolution.

Such indefinite magnitude of finite sequentializations. The recurrence of all things, that is the repetition, the habitude, the inexplicable designations of a point in time and space. People begin to wander off, distant away in little packaged worlds set distant apart by oceans and oceans of crested waves, overseeing nothing but voidness itself, an emptiness that persists, remaining concrete and abstract simultaneously. The state of being, the state of breathing, the state of feeling starts to become numb with absoluteness. Clear and visually perceivable figures begin to blur incessantly, the quotidian cycle of social interaction reaches its critical limit.

Friends, family members, brothers, sisters, cousins, teachers, parents, daughters, sons, kings, queens, politicians, corporations, survivors, soldiers, doctors, lawyers and all alike. Is it a tiredness that manifests itself by feasting on a notion of undesirability of the current state of the world, or is it intrinsically linked to a profound realization of nonconsequence of current state-of-being? Its satisfaction is only temporary, for its postponement of actualization situates in every activity that is not of itself, but for itself. Is it because of the result of limitations and impositions caused by an evermore needy world? The impulsion to check for the banalities and trivialities beyond one’s scope of view becomes an increasingly common aspect of our lives. The suspension of arbitrary limits becomes an element of self-identification. Boredom subsequently subsides when one becomes engaged in existing of itself, the expression of its projection onto the world as a means of internalizing what is not and what is is.



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