Hello people,

I’m currently a grade twelve student at a private school. During my spare time, I like to log my thoughts somewhere, someplace. I just thought that this site might be suitable for me, if I don’t turn out to be too lazy that is.

This is my fifth year as a freely thinking human. I have tried with all my might to avoid people in general, I dislike social interaction but I like social discourse. There is often very little to talk about in real life. I lack any possibility of caring for things that have no baring. These things typically are located within the human physical realm, which includes cars, clothes, the weather, pets, what people are doing on a saturday night, pop music, idols, teachers, courses, school, etc. I might talk passionately about some of these subjects and they might have some level of consequence on me, however my interest in such banane things are minimal at the very least. Any conversation that entails a great deal of thought will certainly provoke me to respond in an engaging manner. All comments are welcome.


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