Horseshoe Valley

I took a nice visit to Horseshoe Valley today. My school likes to plan annual events for everyone every year, although I typically decline to participate in formal dances, cadet balls, movie buses, school spirit events, etc. However, this year was an exception. Most of the school went to Kissing Bridge, but I decided to go to Horseshoe Valley instead because of two reasons (i) I was too lazy to bring in my passport. (ii) I prefer travelling with a smaller group.

Anyhow, it was quite a long drive, about 2 hours and a half I’d say. The first hour and a half was spent getting my rental equipment on, finding a locker and trying to pass some “ski tests”. I ended up not doing any and instead I just skied on the green and blue-leveled hills, with my handy dandy friend’s half-ripped blue sticker. Although he stopped skiing with me at noon, just after we had lunch.

It was a pleasantly nice experience, considering that I only had two days of skiing practice in my entire life. I did however lose control on the blue-leveled hills due to the steepness of the hill; swerving with limited success, and so I decided to fall down on the side. It really does suck falling on the side, since you’re like a flattened squirrel on the road limping up. Anyhow, I stood up and continued down the slope. Blue is just slightly out of my league due to my lack of control, however green is a bit too easy.

Anyhow, overall it was a good learning experience for me. Not much to think about.

Well, I did have an asian girl asking me how to stop with an inverted V shape knee-position. She fell quite a few times and I did manage to help her up. Nothing of notability though. 100-second lineups, 25 second to 2 minute downhill skiing. Not bad. Not bad at all. The boots weren’t as uncomfortable as the ones I wore the first time I went skiing. The food was the same as always, junk food. However, there was a lot of elementary kids there and middle-schooled kids.

A photo of humans congregating that are getting endorphins from experiencing no static friction


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