On Human Rationality

People, psychologists, social scientists, philosophers, the ancients have known that people are prone to making mistakes at all times, innumerable cases of fallacious thinking, appeal to entities without credibility, extensive biases that affect our life and death decisions. To correlate, to relate between two separable identities with a causative relationship, to infer from the deduction of possibilities, to systematically eliminate one-by-one and optimize. Many historical and modern institutions have been known to take advantage of this human quality for which all deem and play on the inability of individuals to project a logical system of framework and keep consistency to it, an innate tendency for fallibility, perhaps a moderability of adaptation that paved our way for existence in the days of cavemen through selective adaptation with the balancing of survival versus long-term planning… either way, casinos, governments, churches, war factories, nations, social states, people of all kinds and sorts are just some of the few examples that which extract and profit from our labour to manifest actions of magnitudes beyond ourselves that of which certain interest groups desire to project onto the local environment, and that is Earth itself.

I stand to oversee every need manifested from social consequences that which thereby confirms existences of itself, as ideal projections construed by various mediums that which inhabit the persona’s mind at every level, from perception, to judgement, to action. Consistency is dissolved for the purpose of gain, matters of non-consequence suddenly become matters of consequence without an acquired readiness… men have always played on men, to make tools of, and thereof resides its essence. It’s inconceivable to pause for even a second in our fast-paced society, where every ideal projection is an enslavement to which we abide to, where every immediate gratification warranted from our limited life span gives rise to greater forms of dissatisfaction, where every successive action detains it rationale to make a proposed rationale that of which if appreciable to the entity itself.


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