Thoughts on Genetics, Determinism and People


Recently, I’ve just come across an article on Yahoo! News about two twins coming together after separation. The most notable aspect is the similarities between the two that allowed them to meet one another through the usage of online social media. From my stand point of view, identical twins are people born with the same genes, same proteins, same constructs, same predispositions, but to think that of every action you made is identical to some hypothetical twin, every neuron fired, every relationship made, every movement of action made, it just seems creepy. I have been studying biology for 2 years now and although I believe environmental factors to play an important role in curtailing our behavior, it just seems that we are in fact not in control of what we do.

My view is converging on the notion that our actions are a result of specific biological processes, from everything from enzymes, to coenzymes, cofactors, gene expression, codons, transcription, etc. One minor defect due to a lack of production or autoregulation in effect leads to severe consequences in form, and thus to the greater extent, functionality. It seems as though nothing of act, nothing of will nor of volition exists by its very nature of self but rather the product of simultaneous movements of random particles interacting one another. If this is to the view, or to the extent of which people exist, then what is the matter to which we thereby conform to standards and laws? Nothing is arguable to be fully autonomized, the autonomy that exists is nothing more than an illusion. Our antonymy defies it in every way, the fact is gibbs-free energy demonstrates this. We are an inseparable subset entity of the universe itself. Our systems are not isolated at all.

At this very moment, at this very second, what if a hypothetical twin existed that of which you had no knowledge of? Would his/her thoughts be the same? Would you buy the same cars, dress the same, talk the same, hold the same job positions? This is something that I’ve thought for a while now, 3, 4, 5 years down the line.

A sense of human-ness quality no longer exists in my perspective. From every moment of interaction, from every single relationship of every quark, boson particle, subatomic particle, neutrino, proton, electron, molecule, charge, the moment of seeing a woman and engaging in a release of potential action in a potassium-wired neural network systematically dissecting every anatomical consistency in her face, her presence and existence. No spare body permits itself to deny its very own functionality.

The success of one’s actions, the ability of oneself, the habitude of one, becomes removed from the very nature it ascribes itself to be, a renowned greatness beyond itself, its carefully precluded decision, mastery and artifact, consistency and prowess, nothing but sheer circumstantial factorizations of incalculable systems at work at any point given in time and space.

A self which remains self-sustained, a self that of which is identifiable from its differentiation with respect to each interval, an everchanging yet nonchanging entity. When I gaze upon that smile, that soleness of eyes, I start to think, to compile, to formalize, an abstraction of ultimate extensions, of lines, of dots, of products, of shifts, of permutations, of vectors, nothing of relevance seems to exist in this world. A deceitful nullness, an emptiness that arises out of every action, to have relived a momentary’s respite here and thereafter, to look down a colony of auto-orderinized entities managing its self-management to ad infinitum.

The laws of repulsion and attraction. Such simplistic manifestations, and yet such arbitrary nature. From every plane of existence extending down upwards on scales of infinite magnitudes, hard at work causing state changes of frames of existence itself.


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