Universal Inclinations



Over the years, I’ve come to discover several inclinations that people have the greatest capacity for. These are nothing short of undiscovered, or remarkable but it stems to be applicable to nearly every human living on this grand piece of boulder orbiting around a celestial death orb.

All humans have a willingness to be and insist on to be right at all times. No matter the conflict, no matter the degree of triviality, anything of any sort, of any matter, of any deal, of any deed will reside an impervious, impenetrable, impermeable ego to pervade the notion that my worth is equal to my opinion, my worth is that of value to my view.

My need to be, without hesitance, irrespective of what can be entertained, before any consideration of analysis, before any knowledgable entity, is to inform the whole wide world that I am without blame, that I am to be right at all times at all costs, that of which I settle to prove a sense of superiority.

This manifested behavior lies dormant and most prevalently in men, but it is also expressed in women. Seen everywhere, at every angle, from coworkers talking to one another, to forum panels of great bases, to lead directors at meetings, to the common mob man at a dining table. Women are not without exempt, being so as to entice her husband, her boyfriend, her son out of spite as to deem the act itself to be a desire to hurt her in one form or another.

Ignorance can be cured. Arrogance not be needed. Assertion be avoided at all cost. Specificity be championed. Vagueness be damned. Civility be preserved. Respect be earned.

Men have always made nothing of those beyond themselves. There is little to concern, little to waste, little to acknowledge on remote entities who have nil of consequence on matters of my life. The only acknowledgement for when such circumstances exists is when the social appreciative value exists, or at which it becomes a matter of mutual circumstance. Beyond that, the concern for which is equivalence to non-existence has little more than mere worth of a squashed ant.

Men who want everything, but without of cost to themselves. To demand the state of the world to merge, to mirror, to imitate to give rest and peace to those who are loved, to devour those who oppose, to reclaim, to seize, to apprehend that of which one believes to be a property thereof, to scour and foul those below, the undeservingly so, to thrust oneself beyond the gracious heavens beyond comprehensibility as to deem all subordinate to oneself, to unveil the mysteries of the unknown and profit from the lives, to leave the work at bay to the masses, triggered by an impassioned mind of imprisonment, perplexed by the state of phenomena, convenience be foretold, hindered by noneth.

But men who shower themselves with illusory projections of distant unforeseen worlds at the whims of others, to unravel, to knit the foundations of reality as to their own, to shatter, to plunder, to obliterate at amusement, the whims of other not be concerned. Freely, and without breathe, still, silent, ready, agile, point and time, race, tread, run, slaughter, without mercy, without remorse, justified in mind.

I stand at time, whence world between that of past and that of future, filtering discrete units of relative spatial re-orientation, decaying and dying day-in and day-out, triumphing over every mind that exists beyond a hill, assured with completion that consciousness will tick and tock perpetually, with great intonation, with great esteem, I hold to extend my hospitality, and inside, a candle lits, an amber beseeches with great animosity, to hate with all entirety, all tangibility, all hatrence. On borrowed time, dire decisions peel away and fade part one-by-one my humanity, to let the repressed animosity flow, to purge the gates of damnity, insolent and unrelentless, complete vexation.


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