A Thanks to the creative minds, artists, composers alike of the YouTube Community

If there’s one thing I love about the Japanese besides their quirky game shows, funny comedic entertainment and laughable advertisements, its the fact that their YouTube community has cultivated a great sense of both innovation and pride. The number amount of remixes done, the amount of alterations as to create 8-bit version games, flash animations, real-life alter representations, mod game files, musical transformations, internet MEMEs, music animation videos, seemingly real movie trailers, breakdancing, making pop clicking sounds using just their voiceboxes, and whatnot, is innumerably more and many times more vast than any other noticeable community on YouTube when it comes to either music, games or animation. Whether that be playing six instruments at once or playing anonymously under the guise of rabbit head costumes, cosplaying as some vicious woman, or banding together, I just enjoy every bit of spite of moment of production that they do. The Japanese have mastered the art of engagement and expression, for example certain Visual Novels that I play such as F/SN often enthrall me with great and in-depth storylines, I choose every action and every action leads to a certain consequence. The Legend of the Galactic Heroes plays on the political philosophy aspect of human political systems and subtly roots out potential criticisms and benefits between political systems of both dictatorship and democracy (through the viewer’s perspective), an all encompassing space opera detailing the lives of every person, every face, every mind of every interaction, nothing is left unsolved. There are no character shields, there are no 34 gamzooka-gun machine shooters, although there is a Sci-Fi element but it plays a limited role.

They play to do their hearts out, I have a great deal of respect for such a group. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not limited to just the Japanese, but many other fellows YouTubers also.

I get a sort of sense of tendency towards introversion when it comes to such artists, although it might be just me but the amount of expression and emotions felt by people are typically introverted are typically greater by magnitudes than extroverts. If I don’t speak for all, then its mostly for me, but I am more emotional than people would have themselves believe. However, I don’t express such emotions openly and keep them private to when I’m listening to music or contemplating matters. I have an essentialist tendency to think and feel at the same time, a burning amber or feeling of joyous tides with a forced dopamine release from thinking abstractly, its an innate quality which I happen to possess.

If I could, I would drop my current life right now and just go play an instrument to my heart’s content out, given that I will possess an infinitude ability and skill for playing music, combining styles, tonalities and creating something out of nothing, or at least recombining pieces of music as to create something new. I’d play all day and night, and nothing but thoughts would appear in my mind, an intrisinic emotion that would be incredibly expressive but nevertheless thoroughly enjoyable.


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